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Symptoms to Watch for After a Car Accident

According to 2017 crash statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 7,500 people are hurt every day in automobile accidents. These accidents can result in injuries that range from minor to serious and even fatal. Car accidents are known for inflicting quick and severe injuries. Following a collision, broken bones, burns, lacerations, […]

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Does California have no fault insurance or are medical claims handled by bodily injury liability?

California is an at-fault state, rather than a no-fault state. In an at-fault state, the person who caused the accident is also responsible for the damages he or she caused, according to the limits of their insurance coverage. All registered car owners in a no-fault insurance state are required to maintain no-fault insurance policies from […]

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What Happens if You Have a Car Accident Without Insurance in California?

All drivers must have valid car insurance in the state of California. In addition, the law requires them to have proof of their liability insurance with them at all times when driving. Operating a motor vehicle without it is illegal and carries severe penalties. Why do you need car insurance? Auto liability insurance can protect […]

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Whose Insurance Pays For a Car Accident in California?

If you've been hurt in a car accident in Orange County, you may incur substantial medical costs and other expenses as a result of your injury. You could be unable to work for an extended length of time. Other losses, such as pain and suffering, are more difficult to quantify. You’ll need to get medical […]

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Chain Reaction Car Accident — Who's at Fault in California

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident, but they are, unfortunately, a common occurrence across the country. Under California’s traditional tort-based law, the person deemed at fault has to pay for the damages caused by the accident.  In most cases, the accident would only involve two parties, and liability only has to be […]

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Orange County Car Crash Statistics and Accident Data

Auto accidents are one of the top causes of preventable deaths in the country. As one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the state of California, Orange County sees a lot of auto accidents every year. Although the death rate has significantly improved in the past few years, auto accidents are still a major cause […]

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Delayed Pain After a Car Accident in California

After a car accident, you might not feel any pain or show outward signs of any injury at all. Actually, symptoms of physical damages can be delayed by a few days or even longer before they show up.  Here’s what you can do when insurance adjusters start calling and put pressure on you to settle […]

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California Accident Fault Laws

California car accidents can inflict severe and life-altering injuries, often leaving victims financially burdened due to lost income, large medical bills, and even lifelong disabilities.  To find the other parties liable, however, there must be absolute proof that they were at fault in the accident. Determining fault in a car accident is a complex process. […]

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Do I Have to File a Police Report for a Car Accident in California?

When you enter a vehicle, there’s no way of telling when you’ll get involved in a car accident.  Knowing the right steps to take in the case of an accident could help to prevent you from getting into a precarious legal situation.   Even if your vehicle appears intact, and even if you seem uninjured, pain […]

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Orange County Car Accident Today - Do You Need a Lawyer?

With good weather all year round, a thriving tourism industry, and a large population within a small area, there are more cars on Orange County, CA roads than ever before. And more cars mean more accidents.   If you’ve been hurt in a car collision seek the help of an Orange County car accident lawyer if […]

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