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How Do I Qualify for Chapter 13 in California?

Due Diligence, Voluntary Petition, Schedules, Exemptions, SOFA, 22C with POS, Plan with Notice of 341a and POS, Priority vs. nonpriority, Trustee fees, Classes of debt, RARA with POS, Tax and DSO Dec with POS, Postpetition payments with POS, Trustee package, Plan payments, Step-ups, Tax refund issues, 109e objections, Creditor objections, Good vs. bad faith, Best […]

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Bank Levies and Bankruptcy in California

If you have recently been levied by a creditor then you know first-hand the nasty feeling of being attacked by surprise, sometimes without notice. In order for the creditor to have levied the money from your bank accounts, they must have obtained a court judgment against you as the debtor. (This is different from rights […]

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Orange County Short Sales Real Estate Services

At Barrios & Machado, we are in the unique position to offer qualified and expert real estate services through our very own Maria Borrego-DiVito, Centurion Realtor - Century 21. Mrs. DiVito is an expert in short sales and has established positive relationships with the major banks in an effort to see that your real estate […]

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Does filing Bankruptcy stop a foreclosure in California?

Former NFL star, Mr. Eddie George, is set to lose his million-dollar home to foreclosure. For many months, Mr. George, through his accountant and agents (presumably all highly competent and paid), has been working towards a loan modification with their mortgage lender. For months, Mr. George's party has been optimistic that foreclosure would be avoided […]

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How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Affects a 401K Loan

401K loans are debts that must be paid back and cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy. In essence, you are borrowing money from your own investments (money you have earned and set aside for retirement). There is a silver lining to paying back your 401K loans. After receiving the benefit of early withdrawal, a Chapter […]

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How Do I File For Emergency Bankruptcy?

Did you know you can file your bankruptcy any day and at any time? This is correct. If you are facing an emergency financial dilemma, you can prevent further damage by filing for bankruptcy relief and this can be done the same day you decide. How fast can I file for bankruptcy? At Barrios & […]

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Large or Small Bankruptcy Firm - Which Is Better?

At Barrios & Machado, it will always be our priority to see that all your questions and concerns are fully answered. We pride ourselves on the focused attention we deliver to each and every one of our clients. At many firms you see a non-attorney spokesperson for your first consultation and after that you are […]

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Child Visitation and Custody in Orange County

DOING THE BEST FOR YOUR CHILDREN It is the right of all parents to be allowed to visit and maintain a relationship with their child regardless of the problems or issues the parents may have with each other. It is important to understand that although the couple may no longer love each other, this does […]

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How Do I File For Child Support In Orange County CA

CHILD SUPPORT PROCESS IN ORANGE COUNTY In California the child support process it's the responsibility of both parents to care for their child regardless of whether or not the parents get along or have other children to support. Child support is available until the child turns 18. However, if your child is a full time […]

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Divorce and Legal Separation in Orange County CA

EASE THE TENSION OF DIVORCE AND SEPARATION A divorce is a very difficult process to go through. Having to go through it can make you feel lonely, angry; even purposeless. But you do not have to go through it alone. At Barrios & Machado, we will not only be your voice in court but will […]

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