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Juvenile Crimes Attorney in Orange County CA

WHEN YOUR TEEN IS TROUBLED Barrios & Machado has experienced attorneys specializing in juvenile law. The court system in the juvenile arena isn't the same as the adult system and should not be treated as the same. There are different options for juveniles as well programs that the adult system does not have. Young people […]

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Filing a Restraining Order in Orange County CA

Restraining Orders For your peace of mind, a restraining order may need to be issued against a person who is putting your life in danger. Alternatively, a restraining order may need to be fought against because it was never appropriate to begin with. The burden of proof is placed on the person asking for the […]

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What Happens When You Get a DUI in Orange County CA?

A DUI in Orange County CA can lead to criminal and administrative penalties which can include jail time, fines, community service, license suspension and probation. Barrios & Machado have many experienced attorneys who have handled hundreds of cases involving drunk driving. Whether this is your first, second, or third DUI, you shouldn't not make the […]

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A Personal Note From Ursula Barrios

LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS--these are goals that are instilled in the hearts of each and every one of us. What can get in the way of these? DEBT. Debts and all that comes with them not only plague our finances but they plague all areas of our well being. Debt is like […]

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Honorarios Justos

RETENCION DE SU ABOGADO El asunto de honorarios es probablemente uno de los mas importantes cuando usted decide contratar a un abogado. Si no puede pagar por los servicio, no importa la calidad de representacion legal. Los servicios legales pueden ser costosos, y si ya se encuentra en un a situación difícil, puede ser imposible […]

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Bancarrota - Una Palabra Personal De Parte De Ursula Barrios

LA VIDA, LA LIBERTAD Y LA BUSQUEDA DE LA FELICIDAD--estos son ideales que todos nosotros tenemos cerca a nuestra corazón. A veces las DEUDAS pueden impedir que logremos llegar a dichos ideales. Las deudas no solamente plagan nuestras finanzas pero también plagan todos los aspectos de nuestra vida, quitándonos la tranquilidad. La deuda es como […]

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Declaration Of Principles

To greet each client with a smile and the warmth that comes from a caring family law firm. To meet each client at their lowest point in an effort to build them up. To treat each client like we would like to be treated in both professionalism and service. We promise to be patient and […]

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Superior Representation, Fast And Cheap!

How many attorneys do you know that will sit with you during your initial consultation and by the end of it have your case filed with the bankruptcy court? I personally do not know many, if any. At Barrios & Machado, we are experts in working under high pressure and time constraints. In order to […]

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Chapter 7 - 341(A) Meeting Of Creditors - Your First (And Generally) Only Meeting

One of debtors' fears when filing for bankruptcy is the fact that they must attend a hearing (sometimes in a courthouse, other times in an office building), but most find that the actual appearance at this hearing is the most "pleasant, pain-free experience" experience of all (except for sometimes finding parking). When you file for […]

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Debt: Must It Rule Your World?

Remember, if you will, a time when credit was issued by local vendors for the purchase of grains and meats or extended on the promise that crop and flock would suffice as adequate consideration. Most of you are saying when has that ever happened? Long before many of you were born. Long before I was […]

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