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Orange County Plane Crash LawyerComplicated laws govern airplane crashes, making it important for victims to have an attorney well-versed in aviation law, with a vast knowledge of all things concerning air travel.

You must defend your legal rights if you were injured in a plane accident. You can submit a personal injury claim with the assistance of a plane crash attorney to obtain just compensation for all of your losses and injuries.

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Investigation Following a Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is the lead agency for investigating why a plane crash occurred. The NTSB typically releases a factual report in weeks after completing its investigation followed quickly by its final report.

Many lawyers simply wait for the NTSB to finish its investigation before relying only on the findings of the NTSB final report to support their clients' wrongful death or injury claims.

To verify the authenticity of the NTSB final report, determined lawyers like Barrios & Machado will conduct their own independent investigation and hire their own specialists to conduct an independent study.

Examining documents and other factual evidence that the NTSB relied on and cited in its final report, speaking with witnesses, listening to the cockpit voice recorder, and studying and analyzing other crucial details and facts are all examples of investigations carried out by special investigators.

Liability for Plane Crashes

Liability must be established as with any other personal injury lawsuits and may be attributed in full or in part to the:

  • Airline company.
  • Charter aircraft service.
  • Manufacturer of aircraft components.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration, among other federal agencies.
  • The pilot.

Finding Out What Caused the Plane Crash

Aviation disasters don’t just occur. Planes are designed and tested to withstand severe weather. The mere fact that a plane has crashed implies that either someone was careless or the airplane had a flaw in its construction.

Establishing the reason for an aircraft accident is the first stage in determining the strength of your overall case. Your attorney may find more parties who can be held liable for your loss through a comprehensive investigation. 

Compensation for Damages

 All damages from your plane crash injuries are compensable. You might be unaware of all the damages for which you can seek reimbursement if you have never had to deal with an insurance claim. It may also be challenging to demonstrate intangible losses. Insurance firms know this.

Skilled claim adjusters representing the aviation side work to settle disputes for the least amount imaginable, and they have legions of lawyers to drive their lowball settlement offers. You need someone to fight on your behalf. A competent plane crash attorney can document and substantiate all of your damages.

Here are some typical grounds for compensation in a plane crash.

Medical Costs

Emergency treatment (such as ambulance and emergency care costs), inpatient hospitalization and surgical procedures, pain management services, and physical therapy are frequently included in these expenditures. Additionally, you are entitled to reimbursement for future medical expenses that you will incur.

Lost Income

You are entitled to compensation for all the time you lose from work as a result of your injury. Additionally, if your injuries prevent you from returning to work or force you to accept a lesser salary as a result of them, you have the right to be paid for any future lost wages (for example, by working part-time).

Damaged Property

You might have expensive items that you brought along, including jewelry, electronic devices, wedding bands, and the like. You are entitled to compensation for these things if they are damaged or lost in an aircraft accident.

Pain and Suffering

A personal injury award's major component is frequently pain and suffering. Due to these factors, insurance companies often challenge its worth. It is also the hardest to substantiate. Keep in mind that they’re not on your side. For all of your intangible losses, you are entitled to compensation, including:

  • Physical suffering from your injuries
  • The emotional pain you go through (for instance, PTSD or a fear of airplanes)
  • Not being able to engage in hobbies you loved
  • Losing your sense of professional dignity (if you're unable to work)
  • Your injuries have an emotional toll on your relationships with family and friends.
  • The diminished quality of life you encounter as a result of your wounds
  • Persistent discomfort (for example, losing sleep because of your pain)
  • Not being able to attend weddings, graduations, and other significant life events
  • Having trouble picking up your kids

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