How To Win a $2 Million Verdict Without Surgery

July 13, 2023
Barrios Machado

How To Win a $2 Million Verdict Without Surgery

We sued an ambulance company after it ran a red light and T-boned our client. The accident happened in 2018. The case went to trial in 2023 (Covid caused some additional delays to get a trial date and courtroom). In the five years in between, many important things happened that eventually would determine the victorious outcome of this and many cases like it.

  1. Ambulance company wanted to settle for cheap. We refused. Their last offer prior to filing suit was $20,000. Our client suffered two small disc bulges of approximately 2 mm each in his lower back caused by this crash and only received two epidural injections and 1 A2M shot. The size of these bulges are considered quite small.
  2. Long before trial, we demanded the full $1M policy. Defense denied and also concealed the fact that they had $2M in coverage (which we would find out after verdict). They actually lied about it during discovery. This is more common than people think.
  3. Defense repeatedly claimed that our client's injuries were greatly exaggerated if not complete lies.
  4. Ambulance company's last offer before trial was $380,000. I convinced client to refuse and take the case to trial. He did.
  5. We fought for 3 days to secure a favorable jury. Defense fought back to have their jury.
  6. The trial was 11 days in a notoriously difficult venue to get big verdicts.
  7. Defense took dozens of depositions of clients, experts, and witnesses.
  8. There were thousands of pages of discovery exchanged during the years of litigation.
  9. All in all, thousands of hours of work.
  10. We brought in one of our dearest friends to help us try the case. Top ten trial lawyer in all California.
  11. Before the jury made their decision, defense offered our client $500,000. He refused on our advice.
  12. The jury deliberated for a few hours and returned with a verdict of $1,987,000. After interest and costs, total recovery was $2,168,000. Paid within 30 days of verdict.
  13. Client followed our advice and walked out with well over $1,000,000 tax free dollars.
  14. Asked how long it would take him to earn that kind of money. "More than my entire life.

There are many attorneys out there that will not go all the way. They will convince you to take less for a quick return. They, like defense lawyers, will tell you that you're not really injured.

When it comes to large corporate insurance, never settle for less than the full value of your case. That often means taking the case all the way to and through trial. It may take a couple years more but it's worth it.

Call Guillermo Machado if you've been injured by a commercial vehicle. Don't be fooled by big corporate insurance and don't settle for less!

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