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March 8, 2012
Barrios Machado

How many attorneys do you know that will sit with you during your initial consultation and by the end of it have your case filed with the bankruptcy court? I personally do not know many, if any.

At Barrios & Machado, we are experts in working under high pressure and time constraints. In order to stop aggressive collection efforts, such as wage garnishment, bank levies or foreclosure sales, we have many times in the past performed what we refer to as emergency surgery. Just like receiving excellent service at a the emergency room of a prestigious hospital, we can prepare and file your case as you wait (waiting times are short). Your case can be filed within the hour you first step into our office (assuming you are able to take your Credit Counseling prior to filing - a must).

If an overwhelming collection effort is stifling your quality of life and you need it stopped immediately, we can help.

As an example, in the month of February, 2012, we blocked close to 10 garnishments on the same day the client came to visit us.

You may be asking, "how much more would I have to pay for such speedy service?"

You'll be surprised to know that our fees are as reasonable as you'll find in all of California for superior quality. We do not take advantage of our clients' situations and make sure that fees are fair for them before we consider any other factor. To give you an idea, the only reason we were able to block the garnishments in the month of February, 2012 (as we have in every single month since) is because the client was able to afford our fees. All were actually quite surprised when I gave them the final quote. Many of the reactions we receive include: "That's it?" "I don't have to pay anymore?" To which I respond: "That's all you have to pay. No more fees. Start rebuilding." And the client leaves with a copy of their notice in their hands.

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