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Orange County OCTA Accident LawyerBuses are a daily necessity for a vast number of individuals in Orange County to get around - to go to work, school, appointments, and much more. The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) oversees all public transit in Orange County. OCTA runs 77 bus routes through Orange County as well as other nearby neighborhoods in the counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside.

The American Public Transportation Association named OCTA America's Best Public Transportation System in 2005. Even with these honors, there have still been fatal incidents, just like other public transportation systems. An increasing number of OCTA buses have been in collisions with cars in recent years.

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OCTA Bus Accidents in Orange County

Due to the size and weight of the OCTA buses, bus accidents in Orange County are riskier than typical car accidents. Cars and pedestrians are more likely to sustain serious or even fatal injuries when struck by an Orange County bus. Due to the possibility of being tossed about the bus's passenger area, both drivers and passengers of buses are at danger of suffering catastrophic injuries.

When an OCTA bus accident happens, the supervisors nearly always conduct an accident investigation on the spot. However, it is crucial for the hurt bus passengers to retain legal counsel right away to launch their own independent inquiry into the OCTA bus accident. The bus accident victims who sustain injuries need to be aware that the investigators and sometimes even the police who arrive at the scene of the accident work for the same government agency that runs the OCTA buses.

Causes of Bus Crashes in Orange County

OCTA has a specific responsibility to protect the safety of its passengers as a common-carrier. Numerous things can lead to OCTA bus accidents, including:

  • Careless or inattentive driving on the part of the bus driver
  • Distracted driving or when a bus driver is not entirely focused.
  • Fatigued driving. Some bus drivers are required to go through extended shifts with numerous stops.
  • Inadequate bus maintenance
  • Structural, mechanical, or safety flaws that occur during the production process of a vehicle
  • A driver’s lack of necessary training or experience to operate a bus.
  • Excessive speeding or aggressive driving.
  • Driving the bus under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

We know the difficulties of an Orange County bus accident claim

The major bus companies' and private carriers' insurance firms will take every step conceivable to diminish or refuse your legitimate personal injury claim. An injury claim against OCTA must be filed within six (6) months, with very few exceptions, just like the majority of claims for injuries against governmental bodies in California.

The knowledgeable Orange County bus accident attorneys at Barrios & Machado have a solid track record in bus accident litigation and have successfully pursued claims against OCTA. Our company has successfully taken on bus companies in the past, and we're ready to vigorously fight for your Orange County bus claim as well.

Determining the At-Fault Party

Finding the accountable party is one of the earliest investigations in an Orange County bus accident. OCTA may be held accountable for the bus accident due to the bus driver's carelessness. Inadequate maintenance and flawed product design and manufacturing may also be the fault of OCTA's maintenance teams and the vehicle manufacturer. At times, third parties or other transportation companies like MV Transportation that operate or maintain OCTA buses could likewise be held accountable for bus accidents.

Bus Duty as Common Carriers to Passengers and Non-Passengers

A common carrier is any vehicle that moves people from one place to another in exchange for payment. Common carriers include buses, of course, but also cars, trucks, taxis, planes, and ships. Both the federal and state governments regulate common carriers. Why are there so many regulations? The transportation sector places a high focus on passenger security. Common carriers must therefore take the utmost precautions to guarantee passenger safety. The following are examples of how common carriers must exercise caution and diligence:

  • providing safe transportation vehicles
  • accommodating passengers when needed
  • being respectful to passengers all the time
  • paying reasonable attention to passengers
  • safeguarding passengers from other travelers’ aggressive behavior
  • driving the vehicle with caution and safety

Bus drivers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of non-passengers even though passengers are given priority in terms of duty. That includes driving cautiously to avoid harming those who aren't passengers. When a bus driver or bus firm violates their duty of care to both passengers and non-passengers, they are held accountable for any damages that may occur from the violation.

We can obtain the highest possible settlement for your bus accident injury claim.

To ensure you get the highest possible settlement for your Orange County bus accident lawsuit, you need an advocate on your side who is a brilliant negotiator. Public entities, like the OCTA, employ armies of investigators, specialists, and other professionals to secure their "bottom line." At Barrios & Machado, an accomplished California bus accident lawyer will fight to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your bus accident injuries in Orange County.

If you were hurt in a bus accident, you should be able to prove fault in your case with the assistance of an expert Orange County bus accident attorney. Negligence has four components: duty, breach, cause, and harm. To learn more about proving negligence, speak with a qualified lawyer.

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