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Orange County Construction Site Accident AttorneysWe at Barrios Machado know that construction is a risky, accident prone business. Anyone who has worked on or walked through a construction site can tell you that. And we’ve walked through plenty, while listening and talking to workers hurt on the job. We’ve learned a lot and we’ve been able to help a lot. Would you like to know more?

Federal statistics confirm our experience that construction is one of the riskiest industries in the country, accounting for 20% of all worker fatalities each year. Why? Large numbers of construction-related accidents and deaths result from negligent contractors and sub-contractors observing poor safety standards. Other accidents flow from badly designed or manufactured equipment, workers forced to use the wrong tools or materials for a job, and so on.  You’ve seen it.

Anything can happen on a job site. And it usually does. And when it does, contact Barrios & Machado construction site accident lawyers today at (714) 515-9696 to schedule a free evaluation of your case. We’ll defend your rights as a worker and take all the necessary steps to hold the guilty parties responsible.

Types of Construction Accidents

Any construction site can pose a wide variety of serious risks and possible hazards. Falls are the leading cause of construction worker fatalities and a typical type of construction site mishap. Depending on the sort of work being done, the greatest dangers on your construction site can include:

Being struck by a vehicle

In 2015, being struck by a vehicle or other large piece of equipment was the second-leading cause of death for construction workers. Any vehicle, including a truck, a crane, or another piece of machinery, has the potential for serious damage when it hits a worker.


During a construction project, electrical work is hazardous and frequently in different levels of completion. The third most common cause of fatalities among construction workers in 2015 was electrocution.

Being trapped between structures or equipment

That is, in the definition used by industry, when a human is caught in or crushed by machinery or a collapsing structure. In 2015, it was the fourth-leading factor in fatalities among construction workers.

A collapsing trench

One of the riskiest jobs performed on construction sites is trench and excavation work. A worker in a trench that collapses could be injured by the weight of the trench walls, be without oxygen, and be trapped with no way out.

Falls from great heights

Many construction projects are carried out above ground. For instance, falls from ladders or higher floors can cause fatal damages.

Falling off a scaffold

In construction projects, scaffolding is frequently employed. However, inadequate training, a lack of safety gear, and faulty gear might cause a risky fall.

Slip and fall accidents

Injuries can still result from falls even if they don't happen from great heights. Serious injuries can also happen from a slip and fall brought on by crowded work sites, uneven floors, spilled slippery substances, or other factors.

Falling materials, objects, or rubble

The risks associated with heights extend beyond falls. The people below may suffer severe injuries if debris, building supplies, or other objects fall from a ladder, crane, scaffold, or another place.

Explosions and fires

Construction sites host  a variety of combustible materials which increases the risk of devastating fires and explosions.

Faulty machinery

Construction workers may be at danger from defective or malfunctioning equipment. For instance, crane falls pose a major risk to construction workers.

Despite the fact that these accidents in the construction industry are varied, they frequently share the same causes and inflict the same kinds of damage.

Why Construction Injuries Occur

By definition, construction accidents are unpredictable. An accident can happen at any time. However, if any of the following exist (or have been), you should be worried about a potential accident:

Inadequate training

Everyone working on a construction site needs to have the necessary training to do their duties safely.

Failure to comply with safety rules

Safety laws have been established by the federal government and the state of California to help prevent injuries from construction accidents. Significant mishaps may occur if these safety regulations are not followed.

Incorrect equipment usage

On construction sites, a lot of heavy machinery is employed. The equipment can be hazardous if it is not utilized appropriately.

Malfunctioning equipment

An injury to the operator or to another person on the construction site may result from malfunctioning or faulty equipment.


Accidents and injuries are possible whenever a construction worker or other individual on the job site acts negligently.

Oftentimes, you won't know the precise cause of your construction accident until after you've been injured and a thorough investigation has been conducted. In addition, catastrophic deaths might occur in building-site accidents.

Who Is Liable for an Accident on a Construction Site?

An accident on a construction site could have multiple causes. Your attorney will carry out a careful investigation to identify the responsible party. It's crucial to keep in mind that evidence tends to disappear with time, so the sooner you hire a lawyer, the greater your chances are of developing a compelling case.

Your attorney will fully explain why the responsible party should be held liable for your injuries and losses, regardless of who was at fault.

What Legal Options Are Open to Injured Construction Workers?

An injury from a construction mishap may be serious or fatal. You might be entitled to seek damages in a:

  • Wrongful death claim if your loved one perished in a construction accident.
  • Personal injury claim if you can demonstrate that a third party's negligence led to your injuries.
  • Product liability claim if you can show that your injury was brought on by a faulty piece of machinery or product.

Compensation for your past, present, and future medical expenditures, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering are just a few of the damages that you might be entitled to claim. These damages, though, won't happen automatically. Instead, you must demonstrate accountability in accordance with California law and the extent of your particular injuries. You can achieve it with the assistance of an accomplished attorney.

The Benefits of Hiring an Orange County Attorney

Having a construction site accident attorney at your side has several advantages. They will first make sure you are aware of your legal options and rights as well as any state legislation that may be relevant to your claim.

If you decide to move forward with a claim, your attorney will begin by conducting a thorough investigation. They will gather the necessary paperwork, pictures, film from security cameras, witness testimony, medical records, statements about lost wages, and more. To decide how to best present your case, they may, if necessary, seek the advice of an outside specialist, such as an accident reconstructionist or economist.

Your attorney will speak with the insurance company on your behalf after they have all the documentation required to prove your case. Negotiations may be difficult because insurance companies are known for finding methods to lessen settlement offers.

If negotiations fail to produce a reasonable settlement proposal, your lawyer can outline the litigation procedure and, if you decide to proceed, assist you in filing a lawsuit. Although doing so would lengthen the duration of your legal case, it can be the only option to get the money you require to put your life back together.

Speak with a construction site accident attorney in Orange County

The lawyers at Barrios & Machado may be able to help you with your insurance and legal claims if you or a loved one has been injured in an Orange County construction site accident. Call us right away at (714) 515-9696 to arrange a free case review.

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