Does Medicare Cover Medical Expenses From a Car Accident in California?

October 22, 2020
Barrios Machado

Your Medicare coverage can be used to pay for your medical expenses after a car accident. You must, however, furnish Medicare an accident report whether you decide to file a personal injury claim or not. This is required because Medicare must be recompensed for the money it paid out to cover your medical treatment if you were injured in the accident.

Your interaction with your designated Medicare Coordination of Benefits (COB) contractor will be handled by your lawyer. These interactions include written communication regarding your accident and the medical care you received while undergoing treatment. Your lawyer will counsel you since you must also participate in these interactions.

Recommended steps following a car accident in California

Seek medical attention right after a car crash. Receiving treatment as soon as possible is not only crucial in ensuring your health is attended to, but in raising your injury claim as well. Medical costs will start to accumulate as medical treatment progresses, particularly if you sustained serious injury.

How a Medicare lien helps accident victims

If you are insured under Medicare, you will be able to get the medical attention and treatment you need through its plan. Medicare operates on a lien on your settlement. This means that it has the right to receive reimbursement for the money it paid out to cover your medical costs. Medicare will pay the doctor and hospital who provided medical treatment and then be paid back out of the settlement. Operating on a lien enables injured victims to receive the necessary medical treatment while paying back the bills once settlement is made.

Your lawyer and your injury settlement

When you’ve attained full recovery, your personal injury lawyer will determine the extent of your medical expenses and other damages brought by your injury. After a report is created, Medicare will inform your lawyer what their lien is for their expenses on your accident claim.

Your lawyer must review the charges carefully because Medicare should only be reimbursed only for expenses connected with the personal injury accident.

Personal injury lawyers have no way of knowing the amount Medicare claims since the lien amount will be determined by the settlement amount. And this is only after a settlement is reached.

How can a personal injury attorney help?

We at Barrios & Machado directly help our clients file their claims. We will boldly defend your interests in court and give you reliable advice during the process. Let us lighten the load of your accident injury claim. We are here to help if you’ve been injured through another’s fault and have Medicare.

Contact our office today or fill out our online form. We offer free and honest advice to help you figure out your options. Our experienced injury lawyers will help you get the most favorable personal injury settlement for your case. Call us at (714) 515-9696 for your free and confidential consultation.

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