A Personal Note From Ursula Barrios

Barrios Machado

LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS--these are goals that are instilled in the hearts of each and every one of us. What can get in the way of these? DEBT. Debts and all that comes with them not only plague our finances but they plague all areas of our well being. Debt is like a monster who doesn't give up, who tries to destroy our mental health, our spiritual health and our physical health.

NOBODY wants to file for bankruptcy. It is a difficult choice, yet sometimes it is the smartest choice. A smart business person knows when to invest and when to get out; he or she knows a good risk from a bad one. Every one wants the American Dream of owning their own house, but that dream should never be allowed to become the biggest nightmare of your existence. You can buy another house, you can save up again, you can buy another car, BUT YOU CAN NEVER get back the months or years you spend worrying about your finances. STOP WORRYING. GET HELP.

DEBT should never be a reason why you don't sleep at night, why you fight with your loved ones, why you disassociate yourself from your purpose here on earth.

DEBT is something that can be managed and reversed.

YOUR LIFE IS TOO IMPORTANT to waste it away on sleepless nights. Thinking about the problem will not help the problem, in most cases it only makes it worse.

LET US HELP YOU KEEP YOUR HOUSE if that is the best alternative for you. Let me STOP GARNISHMENTS. Let me STOP CREDITORS from harassing you, NOBODY has the right to push you against a wall and make you feel imprisoned by your debts.

I KNOW the LAW and you KNOW your PROBLEMS, together we can find a solution.

It's not always easy to ask for help, especially when it comes to money, but we are here together on this earth to help each other.

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